Measurement wheel hubs industry is a well-known manufactory specializing in the production of wheel hub unit for trucks, trailers, van, commercial and light vehicles since 2016. Measurement continue looking confidently to the future with the power from the past expanding its production, employment, and product range with each day. Factory is located at Yuhuan city, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province with area of 6000 square meters. Measurement is now unique with more than 1000 different wheel hub applications for all types of vehicles.

        In order to continuously improve quality and satisfy different customers all around the world, ever year we spend large amount of capital on ROI and we constantly develop and bring new products to the market. Our wheel hubs cover from the first generation to the third generation wheel hubs in the market place range from the Japanese and Korean cars, European cars, and American cars to all other domestic models. Our products have exported to North America (USA and Canada), Europe (Germany, Britain, Poland), Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) and South America (Brazil, Argentina) markets. We have branch offices at LA/CA, USA, Sydney, Australia and Auckland...[more]

Hot Products

  • Wheel Hub Bearing:YS4Z-1A034-AA


  • Wheel Hub Bearing:YS4Z-1104AA


  • Wheel Hub Bearing:YL54-1104BA


  • Wheel Hub Bearing:YL52-1104AA


  • Wheel Hub Bearing:YF12-2C299AB


  • Wheel Hub Bearing:XL34-1104AG


  • Wheel Hub Bearing:VKBA 6601

    VKBA 6601

  • Wheel Hub Bearing:VKBA 3306

    VKBA 3306

  • Wheel Hub Bearing:UR61-33-061


  • Wheel Hub Bearing:TGB40540S03




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